The Collector and At War With Obsessions Series 



This work is the culmination of a number of meetings between the author - Anthony Allen and the artist Jody Gilby.

Over the last year, Gilby has followed the author and conducted interviews that have charted his investigations into the story behind John Fowle's classic novel - 'The Collector' and it's connection to his time spent in Cyprus during the Emergency.

The resulting work is a collaboration between the two, as the artwork for Allen's new novel - 'At War with Obsession', which is due for release in the UK in June, has also been produced by Gilby.

In a final inteview, Allen speaks candidly about the implications resulting from his suggestions that the character of Frederick Clegg were in fact based on a real person whom Allen knew from his time in Cyprus.

This complete body of work was a fictitious account of one mans obsession with the character Frederick Clegg from John Fowle's - 'The Collector' and became my final Degree Show Work. (Actor - Anthony Allen as himself).

The final work was shown as a Video Installation, book launch poster and published book on show in a display case. 

Illusion of Art Series



This new work seeks to investigate the widening gap between new technologies and craftsmanship, in which manipulation of visual imagery can produce the illusion of labour intensive art at the touch of an iPhone app.


Now that these evolving forms of visual manipulation exist, and are widely accessible to the public, what value can we place on work produced in this format? My questioning relates to - when could we consider such work to be 'real'. At present, these images only exist as pixels, therefore, is this where they should remain? Could they only be considered 'art' when they are transferred to a tangible plane? And so, in todays technology rich environment, where does art exist, in the effort and labour of production or on the analysis and questioning of the artist?






JODY GILBY © 2014  

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The Collector Series 2012

Digital Image